Sunday, 22 November 2009

24/11/09 Kraak, Manchester.

Tuesday 24th November at Kraak Gallery, Manchester. For those who haven't seen the gallery space yet, you should probably do so as it's a-a-a-ma-zing. It's just down the alley behind Habib House and Hula Bar, Stevenson Square (near the Koffee Pot).

Ninni Morgia is an Italian improvised guitarist via Brooklyn, New York. A frequent collaborator in NY's free-jazz/improv/noise scene, Morgia is a member of the improvising collective Quivers, The Right Moves (with Kevin Shea of Talibam and Peter Evans) and has released albums on Skin Graft and Holy Mountain with groups White Tornado and La Otracina - his technique earning comparisons to Sonny Sharock and Keiji Haino.

His new release 'Ninni Morgia Control Unit' (featuring collaborators Daniel Carter of Sun Ra/Cecil Taylor/Plastic Ono Band and Jeff Arnal) is available on Ultramarine Records.

Formed at the tail end of 2004, Temperatures are a bass/voice and drums/synth duo from London that relays cycles of incessant weirdo dialogue with black hole bass and drums that expand a mile a minute. After completing a short tour of the eastern United States in August 2007, Temperatures toured the UK with A Middle Sex in 2008 and cut a split LP together on Manchester’s Carnivals Recordings. This autumn sees the release of their new LP 'Eksra' on Ultramarine Records, to coincide with their UK tour with Ninni Morgia 

Manchester’s premier conductors of skull scorched psych, Beach Fuzz wail in their magnitude from hear to nowhere via séance drumming and guitars tuned to planet WTF. 
“loads of guitar feedback manipulated for melodic whatsis, while drums collapse and other sounds come out of some holes. Pretty damn maxist in free rock terms”. – Byron Coley, Wire Magazine.

Stuttering electronics and drums square up against aquarium tannoy commands, feedback rabble-rousers and the dystopian choir service. They will be joined by Edwin Stevens. (Irma Vep/Klaus Kinski)
- 8pm, £4.

Also, this will be my last gig in Manchester before I move to London, so it would be rather nice to see some of you folk before i leave. 

Hope to see you there.

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