Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Out now: Hype Williams - Untitled LP

Hype Williams - Untitled LP. CAR002

The first full length record from Hype Williams. Through 35 minutes, Blunt and Copeland transmit their vision of a self contained plane, seamed by an index of long distance keyboard glaze, rent-a-car night coasters through to programmed and screwed constructs of songs, musical absurdities and free, lifted improv jams.

Luckily, the majority of these descriptive translations probably fall short: At points it sounds rewardingly indescribable and yet as a full length statement, fully realised and formed. Embracing the crud and sheen of mainstream components and trading pound for pound with no-zone freedom. "All because the camels love Bubble Kush." Packaged in the starkly minimal and perfectly accompanying artwork of Ed Lehan.

CAR002. 300 copies.

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