Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Out now: Hype Williams - Untitled LP

Hype Williams - Untitled LP. CAR002

The first full length record from Hype Williams. Through 35 minutes, Blunt and Copeland transmit their vision of a self contained plane, seamed by an index of long distance keyboard glaze, rent-a-car night coasters through to programmed and screwed constructs of songs, musical absurdities and free, lifted improv jams.

Luckily, the majority of these descriptive translations probably fall short: At points it sounds rewardingly indescribable and yet as a full length statement, fully realised and formed. Embracing the crud and sheen of mainstream components and trading pound for pound with no-zone freedom. "All because the camels love Bubble Kush." Packaged in the starkly minimal and perfectly accompanying artwork of Ed Lehan.

CAR002. 300 copies.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Sunday, 22 November 2009

24/11/09 Kraak, Manchester.

Tuesday 24th November at Kraak Gallery, Manchester. For those who haven't seen the gallery space yet, you should probably do so as it's a-a-a-ma-zing. It's just down the alley behind Habib House and Hula Bar, Stevenson Square (near the Koffee Pot).

Ninni Morgia is an Italian improvised guitarist via Brooklyn, New York. A frequent collaborator in NY's free-jazz/improv/noise scene, Morgia is a member of the improvising collective Quivers, The Right Moves (with Kevin Shea of Talibam and Peter Evans) and has released albums on Skin Graft and Holy Mountain with groups White Tornado and La Otracina - his technique earning comparisons to Sonny Sharock and Keiji Haino.

His new release 'Ninni Morgia Control Unit' (featuring collaborators Daniel Carter of Sun Ra/Cecil Taylor/Plastic Ono Band and Jeff Arnal) is available on Ultramarine Records.

Formed at the tail end of 2004, Temperatures are a bass/voice and drums/synth duo from London that relays cycles of incessant weirdo dialogue with black hole bass and drums that expand a mile a minute. After completing a short tour of the eastern United States in August 2007, Temperatures toured the UK with A Middle Sex in 2008 and cut a split LP together on Manchester’s Carnivals Recordings. This autumn sees the release of their new LP 'Eksra' on Ultramarine Records, to coincide with their UK tour with Ninni Morgia 

Manchester’s premier conductors of skull scorched psych, Beach Fuzz wail in their magnitude from hear to nowhere via séance drumming and guitars tuned to planet WTF. 
“loads of guitar feedback manipulated for melodic whatsis, while drums collapse and other sounds come out of some holes. Pretty damn maxist in free rock terms”. – Byron Coley, Wire Magazine.

Stuttering electronics and drums square up against aquarium tannoy commands, feedback rabble-rousers and the dystopian choir service. They will be joined by Edwin Stevens. (Irma Vep/Klaus Kinski)
- 8pm, £4.

Also, this will be my last gig in Manchester before I move to London, so it would be rather nice to see some of you folk before i leave. 

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Middle Sex/Temperatures 12" press

Have received a goddamn charmer of a split LP from the UK on the new Carnivals label. Side B has our old favorites Temperatures, making a bed-splitting racket on a long piece called “Bifurcation.” This finds them moving ever further beyond the shadow of tongue. Side A has a new-to-us trio from Manchester called A Middle Sex (presumably a reference more to Jeffrey Eugenides than Greater Uxbridge) performing a suite entitled “An Unclean Yawn.” An extended blurt of drums, voices, feedback and blood, its parts move together like kittens fitted with large boots—thump, thump, thump.
- Bull Tongue Top Ten by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore.

Nice to have underknown UK band Temperatures back after being blown away by their edition-of-100 Ymir LP a couple years back... their side here might be even better, just a lurching, grinding mutant 16-minute thing with plenty of rock swagger. This band should be huge... at least with this split LP they're up to an edition of 300. Maybe next one will be 500 and they can reach the Billy Bao fans. A Middle Sex is another UK band, and their shit is cool too... some sort of galloping drum-driven avant-pop whatsis... they pick up the This Heat torch and run with it, but they had so much caffeine and/or LSD that they keep dropping it and staring directly into the sun and/or the pretty swaying trees. Then they remember what they were doing and pick up that torch and run again... but then get sidetracked again by a pleasant stream... and so on... and it all flows much better than that would suggest.
- Blastitude

I knew nothing about this 12” platter at all when I stuck it on my turntable. I was floored by the sounds that came from my speakers. This is the first release by Manchester’s own, Carnivals Recordings. On side one is Middle Sex. At first listen they are comparable to the Liars in some ways, but come off with more originality. Dubbed out drums, organ drones, hallowed vocal chants and throw in some SY guitar worship, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. They are full of energy and I’m sure cook-up a mean fucking sweat (audience included) live. On further research I find out they are an improvising trio from Manchester England. Which makes since. Glad I can put two and two together, Manchester band on a Manchester record label. The Middle Sex are full on conjurers of sound and energy and Unclean Yawn is brimming with lush fuzz, sweeping feedback and pummeling percussion. Here’s to wanting more from this trio. 

Temperatures “Bifurcation” makes up side two. A very different side, but man it is a wooly mammoth sized holy mother of god beast. Just sit the stylus down and stand way the fuck back. Falling down stairs drumming, white light and sub-bass electronics and all sorts of yorps and yells come forth. Then spin off into a distant hairy planet. Damn this thing has teeth. By the time Bifurcation had ended. I felt as if I had been pistol-whipped, but in a good way. Is there such a thing? But I am begging for more. Two sides from two different bands, but some how they fit together and compliment each other. Damn fine release by these across-the-ponders, Carnivals . Shell out the dollars and or pounds for this sucker. Much recommended. 9/10 -- B. Miles
- Foxy Digitalis

This is the first outing for Manchester based, lo-fi label Carnivals
and what an excellent start it is!! A split release from touring
buddies A middle sex and Temperatures with an awesome eye-boobs cover
(this sounds crude but that is what appears to be going on). A Middle
Sex have produced their best work so far with ‘Unclean Yawn’. I’ve seen
this Manchester improvised noise trio on a number of occasions and
can’t help but be amazed at the wonders that they conjure with such
simple tools. Swirling loops of drone and wailing feedback act as a
canvas for layered tribal drums, scattered vocal chants and some
sinister guitar wailings of the best kind. What amazes me is the
consistency of the track and it’s valiant efforts to cover all bases,
wandering from rapturous outpourings of sound and rhythm to static
drones, drifting ambience and ‘almost’ pop friendly bliss. This is a
total winner! Comparative to the Boredoms, Black Eyes and (to an
extent) Liquid Liquid for there ability to successfully merge uplifting
ambience with thunderous assaults of rhythm. Awesome. Temperatures
'Bifurcation' is an entirely different beast, 16 minutes of miserable,
spiteful, hulking free jazz madness steadily corroding in on itself.
Bass dirge and moog drone are juxtaposed with a one handed mad man
drumming to create a crazy wild soundtrack to your own death. I've
heard Temperatures in more inventive spirits than on 'Bifurcation' but
they do succeed in boaring a giant sized hole in my cranium with thier
deliberately intense, self decaying sonic mish mash. Ace. Both sides of
this record are totally worth hearing. This is easily my choice for
album of the month...hint hint
- Norman Records

Sunday, 16 August 2009

19th Aug - Motherfucking/Stuckometer/Trophy Wives

(lyon, france)

Gael and Julien are some bad mothers and they don't mind licking the mixing bowl. They trade minds and can multiply a single gram of thought into the grand canyon of sound, drifting on beamed out, triple-glazed drones. Bright and jumbled. Considered explorations of sound and comatose rampage, the blueprints already got shredded. Come flip out on their eternal nosebleed as the cogs of logic and reason turn to Slinkys.


Manchester vets that have drifted all over are back to revisit their occasional beast. Free rock and rolling drums with guitar and bass that leap octaves and scatter around like roaches in a 10w bulb bathroom. An abrasive, deconstructed, 4-way Rubik's cube; A real winner.


MJ and JR put the whippy into the scoop with bust knuckle drum-drums and the honkey tonky nothing bonanza, dead in the face and blue in the throat.

19th August
Islington Mill
James Street, Salford. M3
8PM, £4.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

6th Aug - Tom James Scott/Part Wild Horses/Infinite Light

Dearest Y'all,

Next Thursday, 6th August at Islington Mill - Do come, bring a friend,
bring £4 and do bring a bike if you're lazy or annoyed at Manchester's
slowly developing transport system.


Tom James Scott is part of the improvising collective CYRK and is an
accomplished musician releasing 2 fine albums on the Bo'Weavil label.
Tom's compositions are a more than welcome change to the contemporary
trend of guitar playing; his practice a more sedate, contemplative
approach to repetition, space, volume and improvisation.

Beguiling, fluttering melodies and minimalist improvisation take form
out of silence, with harmonic feedback and slight drones that recall
just as much the acoustic work of David Toop, Steve Beresford etc, as
they do of Takoma Records, Morton Feldman and Fred Frith. This is
Tom's first solo performance outside of London.


PWHMOBS is the duo of Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jones.. Their release
‘Bataille de Battle’ on Singing Knives Records saw the first Mexican
wave of respect that’s now overlapped itself with releases on their
own label Rayon, Chocolate Monk and Golden Lab. Jones' flute envelops
through smoke clouds of delay and reverb, lingering and dancing to a
mariachi death march. Nichols' schooled/sparse approach to drumming
accents an unconscious sense of tempo and space tying together
free-jazz, primitive avant moves and zoned to the dome psychedelia.


Barry Dean aka Infinite Light is a North West solo guitarist with ties
to groups such as Axis-Mundi (with PWHMOBS), The Whole Voyald,
Stuckometer and Beach Fuzz. Infinite Light welds shimmering harmonics
between bleached out, modal guitar playing and hymnal like, self-call
and response, creating a visceral and luminous performance.

Feel free to bring distro/zines/stuff also.

6th August.
Islington Mill. James St, Salford. M3 5HW
8pm. £4

Friday, 1 May 2009


A Middle Sex/Temperatures split 12" is now available through Alt Vinyl, Piccadilly Records, Rough Trade, Norman Records, Tomentosa, Mimaroglu Music Sales and Eclipse.