Sunday, 16 August 2009

19th Aug - Motherfucking/Stuckometer/Trophy Wives

(lyon, france)

Gael and Julien are some bad mothers and they don't mind licking the mixing bowl. They trade minds and can multiply a single gram of thought into the grand canyon of sound, drifting on beamed out, triple-glazed drones. Bright and jumbled. Considered explorations of sound and comatose rampage, the blueprints already got shredded. Come flip out on their eternal nosebleed as the cogs of logic and reason turn to Slinkys.


Manchester vets that have drifted all over are back to revisit their occasional beast. Free rock and rolling drums with guitar and bass that leap octaves and scatter around like roaches in a 10w bulb bathroom. An abrasive, deconstructed, 4-way Rubik's cube; A real winner.


MJ and JR put the whippy into the scoop with bust knuckle drum-drums and the honkey tonky nothing bonanza, dead in the face and blue in the throat.

19th August
Islington Mill
James Street, Salford. M3
8PM, £4.

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