Sunday, 2 August 2009

6th Aug - Tom James Scott/Part Wild Horses/Infinite Light

Dearest Y'all,

Next Thursday, 6th August at Islington Mill - Do come, bring a friend,
bring £4 and do bring a bike if you're lazy or annoyed at Manchester's
slowly developing transport system.


Tom James Scott is part of the improvising collective CYRK and is an
accomplished musician releasing 2 fine albums on the Bo'Weavil label.
Tom's compositions are a more than welcome change to the contemporary
trend of guitar playing; his practice a more sedate, contemplative
approach to repetition, space, volume and improvisation.

Beguiling, fluttering melodies and minimalist improvisation take form
out of silence, with harmonic feedback and slight drones that recall
just as much the acoustic work of David Toop, Steve Beresford etc, as
they do of Takoma Records, Morton Feldman and Fred Frith. This is
Tom's first solo performance outside of London.


PWHMOBS is the duo of Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jones.. Their release
‘Bataille de Battle’ on Singing Knives Records saw the first Mexican
wave of respect that’s now overlapped itself with releases on their
own label Rayon, Chocolate Monk and Golden Lab. Jones' flute envelops
through smoke clouds of delay and reverb, lingering and dancing to a
mariachi death march. Nichols' schooled/sparse approach to drumming
accents an unconscious sense of tempo and space tying together
free-jazz, primitive avant moves and zoned to the dome psychedelia.


Barry Dean aka Infinite Light is a North West solo guitarist with ties
to groups such as Axis-Mundi (with PWHMOBS), The Whole Voyald,
Stuckometer and Beach Fuzz. Infinite Light welds shimmering harmonics
between bleached out, modal guitar playing and hymnal like, self-call
and response, creating a visceral and luminous performance.

Feel free to bring distro/zines/stuff also.

6th August.
Islington Mill. James St, Salford. M3 5HW
8pm. £4

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